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Bazooka G3 Party Bar MINI | Portable Bluetooth IP66 Waterproof Speaker | 450-watt MAX power | RGB-LED Lights | one-click “Party Button” music sharing technology | 70 Hours Battery Life | 6 Marine Grade Speakers (Cosmetic Damage)




  • This product is NEW and carries full factory warranty; however, it may have scratches, blemishes, paint chips, or other cosmetic flaws. All cosmetically damaged products are inspected to insure there is no functional product damage or missing contents before they are listed for sale.
  • Party Button music sharing technology with one-click “Party Button” pairing lets you choose who is gonna “DJ” and who is gonna “Listen”. Unlimited pairing within range (150ft radius). The DJ will have full control over the music and LED lights.
    Download the party details here! 
  • Integrated rechargeable Lithium power pack for up to 70 hours of music playback

  • Integrated USB MP3/4 music playback and mobile device charging port.

  • Rugged comfort grip handle and padded shoulder strap for easy carry down to the beach or wherever the Party is gonna be!

  • Includes tripod mounting legs for convenient use on the beach, or anywhere you don't want it sitting on the ground!

  • Includes universal tripod 1/4-20 threaded insert and optional suction cup mount for secure use on tailgates, and other smooth surfaces.

  • Includes home charging adapter and features a 12 volt charging system that allows the internal battery to be charged when hardwired to your vehicle (Full Installation Kit sold separately)

  • Optional Scooter mounting clamps. (sold separately)

  • G3 Mobile App for iOS and Android

  • IP66 Waterproof certified


    The Bazooka portable Party Bar MINI with LED Illumination System is the most robust portable entertainment system available.

    Featuring the same Class D, 450-watt max power amplifier, marine-grade speakers (including end-loaded woofers), LED lighting system and USB charging with thumb drive music playback as its G3 big brothers, the Party Bar MINI sets a new standard in portable audio. Designed to go wherever you go, the MINI stands alone as the most versatile portable entertainment system available. Attach the tripod legs and enjoy a day at the beach, spin on the suction cup mount, stick it to your tailgate, and party at the ballpark with your friends before the big game, or just sling it over you shoulder and head out for a picnic with your family. Regardless of where you want to go, the MINI is ready to go with you. We even have a quick release electric scooter mounting clamp (sold separately).

    The Party Bar MINI packs 12 cells of integrated Lithium battery insuring the Party doesn't end until you want it to!

    There's nothing worse than a dead battery that ends the music, kills the mood, and stops the Party! Ugh! For that reason, we stuffed as much battery as could possibly fit inside the new Party Bar MINI. Featuring 12 cells of integrated lithium batteries, the MINI pound for pound has more battery power than any other portable audio system on the market! Lasting up to 70 hours in easy listening mode, the MINI will create the ambiance at the campsite all weekend, or crank out 128dB of sound for 13.5 hours if you can party that long! It even has an integrated USB charging port and enough battery to recharge your mobile device. (Note: battery life estimates are based on starting music playback with a fully charged battery and with the LEDs turned OFF)

    Party Button music sharing technology with one-click Party Button Pairing - pair unlimited Mini Party Bars together within range (150ft radius)

    With Party Button music sharing technology and one-click “Party Button" pairing, anyone with a MINI can join the PARTY. Simply choose who will “DJ” and who will “Listen” and get the “Party” started. The DJ will have full control over the music and LED lights for everyone who has joined the Party! The MINI will also wirelessly link to any Party Button enabled product whether that be one of our larger G3 Party Bars on your ATV, SxS, boat, or golf cart or any other brand audio system using our Party Stick music sharing USB wireless adapter (model: INV-USB sold separately). The Party Stick USB adapter lets you wirelessly link any audio system together - meaning you can take the Party Bar MINI to shore while still being linked and playing the same music as your boat's audio system out on the sandbar!




    450-WATT PEAK POWER INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER with easy pair Bluetooth and auto connect

    WATERPROOF 3.5MM AUXILIARY INPUTS allow you to connect to any smart device or mp3 player with a 3.5mm audio jack

    WATERPROOF USB PORT for thumb drive music playback and mobile device charging


     HANDS-FREE CALLING when paired with your Bluetooth- enabled mobile device

    NEW “BEAT TO THE MUSIC” LED sync option 



    • Max Power Output: 450 Watts
    • MPN: BPB16-G3-BAT
    • RF Remote Range: 10 Feet
    • Bluetooth Range: 60 Feet
    • DJ Broadcast Range: up to 150 foot radius


    Support Materials

           Get the G3 App:
           iOS / Android  

    G3 Quick Reference Card
    Remote Pairing Instructions

    Battery Notice