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G2 Party Bar & AC to DC Adapter



  • Class D, integrated 450-watt amplifier with eight (8) marine-grade speakers, including end-loaded woofers and front firing tweeters 
  • Audio sync technology allows you to connect two Party Bars to one mobile device 
  • Built-in RGB LED illumination system with backlighted tweeters, LED rings on the ends and a dual LED party strip 
  • AC to DC adapter has seven (7) amps of available power and a quick disconnect SAE power connector 
  • Easy pair integrated Bluetooth and auto connect


Our 24” G2 Party Bar & AC to DC Adapter is the ultimate outdoor entertainment system, with a new Class D, 450-watt peak power amplifier, eight (8) true marine-grade speakers (including end-loaded woofers), auxiliary input and waterproof USB charging. Use it by the pool, at home or even at the campsite! 

The G2 also utilizes audio sync technology, which allows you to wirelessly connect two G2 Party Bars to one mobile device. Like the original, the G2 comes with a built-in RGB LED illumination system that has backlighted tweeters, LED rings on the ends and a dual LED party strip that runs the entire length of the bar. It can flash multiple colors at any speed, all at the tip of your fingertips! Just use our free mobile app for iOS and Android and access full control of the Party Bar. 

Bluetooth G2 Party Bar Features: 

  • Eight (8) marine-grade speakers, including end-loaded woofers and front firing tweeters 
  • 450-watt peak power integrated amplifier with easy pair Bluetooth and auto connect 
  • Waterproof 3.5mm auxiliary inputs allow you to connect to any smart device or mp3 player with a 3.5mm audio jack 
  • Waterproof 3.5mm auxiliary outputs easily pass the signal from the Party Bar to any other audio system or external subwoofer 
  • Patent-pending, cast aluminum integrated grill mounting system allows for end-mounted woofers and complete 360-degree rotation 
  • Two (2) durable cast aluminum legs for securing the roll bar 
  • Integrated rail mounting system provides alternative mounting options when end mounting isn’t available 
  • Hands-free calling when paired with your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device 
  • Marine-grade SAE accessory connector switch makes it easy to add any LED light bar 
  • Fully customizable wireless remote control, dashboard controller or mobile app control 
  • Audio sync wirelessly syncs music between two Party Bars 

Our AC to DC Adapter simply requires that you plug the SAE power connector into the adapter, plug the adapter into a standard 110-volt electrical outlet and start enjoying your speaker system…even when you’re not out riding. 

AC to DC Adapter Features: 

  • Same quick disconnect SAE power connector found on all Bazooka Bluetooth speaker systems 
  • Seven (7) amps of available power



  • Max Power Output 450 Watts
  • MPN BPB24G2-KIT1
  • RF Remote Range 1000 Feet
  • Bluetooth Range 60 Feet


We are using BILT to provide you with an easy assembly process! Interactive easy to follow instructions for how to assembly your new BAZOOKA product can be found in BILT. Head to the app store now to download the FREE app now.