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PR-ILS16 LED Back-Lighted Inline Switch 16 Amp 12v SAE Plug



  • Easily turn the power off and on
  • Power Link SAE quick connect & waterproof plugs
  • Lighted red LED light indicator to let you know when the switch is on and receiving power


This inline switch allows you to easily turn the power off or on. It has some of the same standard SAE connectors used on all of the Power Rail accessories and plugs right in without cutting or splicing any wires. This gives you full control of the power to your accessories. The switch also features a red LED backlight indicator that lets you know when the switch is on and receiving power.

The inline switch can be added to the main power wire to your electronics, top or console, which allows you to completely kill the power to them when storing your machine.



  • MPN PR-ILS16


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