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Marine Tubbie Quick Disconnect Clamps



  • Universally designed to fit towers or roll bars with widths between 1.5-2”
  • 360-degree rotation and quick disconnect
  • Internal hidden wiring
  • Compatible with: MT8100B, MT8100W, MT8265B, MT8265W, MT81LKB, MT81LKW, MY6100BTA, MT6100BTAL & PR-PP5


These tubbie clamps offer internal hidden wiring, 360-degree rotation and a quick disconnect. They are universally designed to fit towers or roll bars with widths of 1.5”-2” (MT-CL2-B and MT-CL2-S) and  2.125"-3" (MT-CL3-S). For use with the follow Bazooka Tubbie models:

  • MT8100B
  • MT8100W
  • MT8265B
  • MT8265W
  • MT81LKB
  • MT81LKW
  • MT6100BTA
  • MT6100BTAL
  • PR-PP5

Care Instructions: These clamps are designed to perform when exposed to water, however, water buildup inside the clamps combined with constant 12-volt power for extended periods of time can cause electrolysis and corrosion to form on the interior. When using the clamps, please ensure that the 12-volt power wire connected to the clamps includes a switch such that the 12-volt power can be turned off when the clamps and accessories attached to the clamps are not in use. Any accessories hung from the powered clamps should be removed, inspected for water buildup and allowed to dry after having been exposed to excessive water from cleaning, pressure washing or heavy rain.


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