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Quick Release Scooter Clamps for the Bazooka portable Party Bar MINI



  • Requires16 inches of scooter stem mounting clearance
  • Fits Dualtron Spider and Raptor scooter stems
  • Fits 0.900 inch to 1.250 inch diameter pipe.
  • Works best with 39 inch or taller handle bar height stems


Our NEW Bazooka Quick Release Scooter Clamps make the Party Bar MINI the Ultimate Electric Scooter Entertainment System!

Easily mount and remove the Bazooka Party Bar MINI to your scooter stem.

The Party Bar MINI sets a new standard in portable audio. Designed to go wherever you go, the MINI stands alone as the most versatile portable entertainment system available. And now you can take it along for the ride. With quick release latches, and thumbscrew attachment the Party Bar MINI easily affixes to your scooter stem. Then, when you get where you're going, it easily detaches so you can take it with you. Attach the tripod legs and enjoy a day at the beach, spin on the suction cup mount, stick it to your tailgate, and party at the ballpark with your friends before the big game, or just sling it over you shoulder and head out for a picnic with your family. Regardless of where you want to go or how you get there, the MINI is ready to go with you.


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